The Dive Tribe

Hervey Bay Dive Centre's 'Dive Tribe' is the collective of some of the best dive personalities currently blowing bubbles.


The Old & Wise One has been in the water since he was a young boy in Papua New Guinea strapping on a scuba tank for the first time in 1974 and gained his PADI certification 1978. He has no idea how many dives he has had suffice to say he has pretty well dived everywhere in the Pacific. Ed is a Master V skipper, Offshore Yacht Master, Marine Engine Driver Class 2 and holds many other relevant marine qualifications and is passionate about marine conservation.


The Boss; Coxswain and Dive Master! Rachel is the organisation behind the dive team and keeps everyone in check. Mad keen photographer with an awesome portfolio of underwater images..... she should open a gallery!


PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor who looks after all our dive operations and planning. Matt's under water skills have been honed over the course of many years whilst delivering key PADI specialities courses throughout the world.


PADI Dive Instructor and keen underwater photographer who has an undying passion for wreck diving and the elusive marine gastropod molluscs 'the nudibranch'. Grant is the technical diver guru and wreck specialist.